Adobe have been under heavy preassure from HTML5 lately, now they (finally) lost the war. I say finally because I have never liked the non-proprietary idea of Flash.

Today Google Play dropped the support for Flash player on Android devices


The complete internet experience

In 2007 Adobe were active marketing Flash for mobile, the only alternative to enjoy the complete internet experience on a mobile device according to Adobe.

When Flash finally got available on Android the industry was getting ready to move on to HTML5 . a way more flexible, safe, and not least non-proprietary solution. Flash support is also the number one advantage Android have had over iOS, but this has now come to an end.


Stop for android

Today is the beginning of the end for the Flash standard which has provided Adobe a solid foothold, not only as the developer of flash, but also creative suites for designing flash content.

Adobe has benefited from their strong position in the market for a very long time now, but surely has to adapt to more and more HTML5 competition in the future.

Today Google Play stopped providing Flash for their user, now it’s not possible to download and install Flash from their market service. This is good news for web developers that has adopted to HTML5.